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8 thoughts on “ Check It Out - Fer BR - Low Bass (Vinyl)

  1. Grozuru says:
    Jul 24,  · Hi all, I seem to be going through a "see how low your sub can go" phase at the tedtawaljodotitidislinouhuany.coinfog hold of all the big bass films tedtawaljodotitidislinouhuany.coinfo gave Bassotronics - Bass I love you, a tedtawaljodotitidislinouhuany.coinfo just wondering how low in terms of Hz it goes, because i'm getting plenty of cone movement, but can't hear a lot, which leads me to believe it's in the low 20's Hz???
  2. May 09,  · Because vinyl is in a non compressed format it is true that you get more at the low and high end but most of this information is inaudiable and in the case of the bass is the stuff you feel rather than hear. Vinyl is a funny format and does need a lot of tweaking to get its best but you sound like you know the items to check.
  3. Goltigis says:
    Oct 19,  · A Perfect Circle's, "Thirteenth Step" album "The Package" (Track 1)has some very low bass down near the 25hz range. Enya, Watermark has much low bass. Burt conrad All-Stars "A Soulful Jorney" has some good low bass for a Jazz cd on Track 5 I believe. 30hz ish. Tool's "Undertow" has a fair bit of low bass as well, nearly every song.
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  5. Mazutaxe says:
    Apr 18,  · The bass guitar is a very dynamic instrument, and there's a lot of techniques that can cause individual notes to stand out above the mix - just look at a good funk bassist! Add a little compression, and you'll find that even the most technically-perfect bass player's sound will even out and become more friendly in the mix.
  6. Jul 04,  · 50+ videos Play all Mix - Fer BR - Venga Va (B1) [SP SERIES ] YouTube DJ Ogi + DJ Mika - Off The Party (A1) [PRRUK] - Duration: sanelbestxxx views.
  7. Moogumi says:
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  8. Nikogor says:
    Feb 12,  · I have a bass with passive pickups. I tried turning down the volume on the bass, calibrate and then turn the volume up when it comes time to actually tune, however I still get the "volume too low" message. As mentioned on the OP the open E and first 3 frets on that string don't register unless I strike hard with a plectrum.

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