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9 thoughts on “ Reprise

  1. JoJozuru says:
    "Reprise" is episode 15 of season 2 in the television show Angel. Written by Tim Minear and directed by James Whitmore, Jr., it was originally broadcast on February 20, on the WB tedtawaljodotitidislinouhuany.coinfo this episode, Angel learns that during the impending Wolfram & Hart Year Review, the firm is visited by one of the demonic Senior Partners. The demon wears a ring with the Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.
  2. Kazikree says:
    The French have two words for these two sounds—the cri and the reprise. This is followed by the reprise of the first and second subjects. The reprise of the dance was brief, and he had to .
  3. Mokazahn says:
    "Reprise " is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Angel and the thirty-seventh episode overall. Written by Tim Minear and directed by James Whitmore, Jr., it was originally broadcast on February 20, on the WB network. While Lilah, Lindsey, and the other lawyers of Wolfram& Hart prepare a ritualistic gathering for the demonic firm's impending year review, Angel Air date: February 20,
  4. Jun 27,  · reprise (plural reprises) A recurrence or resumption of an action. (music) A repetition of a phrase, a return to an earlier theme, or a second rendition or version of a song in a programme or musical. (fencing) A renewal of a failed attack, after going back into .
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  6. Jul 31,  · 1. (usually reprises) Law an annual deduction, duty, or payment out of a manor or estate, as an annuity or the like 2.
  7. Kagashakar says:
    Noun When "reprise" was first adopted into English in the 15th century, it referred to a deduction or charge made yearly out of a manor or estate (and was usually used in the plural form "reprises"). It probably won't surprise you, then, to learn that "reprise.
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